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The sweaty palms. The heavyweight on your chest. The racing heartbeat. The sinking feeling in your gut. We’ve all been there. Stressed, anxious and in need of a lifeline. Instead of reaching for that cigarette, packed with harmful chemicals, let VAPZ rescue you.

VAPZ Rescue Stix is chock-full of essential oils and extracts to help bring you back to your calm. Rose, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense all help to bring serenity and soothe your stress. Another important ingredient is Kava, a herb that has been used for alleviating anxiety and even minor pain. Glutamine is also a key ingredient as it helps to manage other symptoms that you may not even know are caused by stress. Glutamine is stored in both your lungs and your muscles and helps the body to remove excess waste as well as support your immunity and digestion.

Try VAPZ Rescue Stix today and free yourself from the stress! Inhale the difference, exhale freedom!

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